School Hours

6 am – 6 pm

Learners who come before 7 am must go to the waiting class next to the baby section where the teacher on duty will receive them.

All the gr. 1 – 7 learners gather in front of the gr. 1 classes on the playground from 7 am.

Praise and worship starts at 7:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Primary School classes start at 7:45

Learners in gr. 1 – 7 are NOT allowed to arrive late at school. They disrupt classes and lose out on very important work. Please ensure that your child is on time every day. It is your responsibility to ensure that if your child makes use of taxi transport that the driver is on time everyday.

If your child does not attend school please notify the office.

School Uniform

School uniform:
The school shirts, skirts, socks, trousers, jerseys, pullovers and drimacs without the badge are available at:
PEP Stores

School Golf-shirt, jersey, pullover (with badge) and tracksuit can be ordered at school.
Please mark your child’s uniform with a permanent marker.

Trousers: grey long or short
Shirt: blue long or short sleeves.
Jersey and pullover: Navy blue
Dri-mac: Navy blue
Tracksuits: can be ordered at school.
Socks: Grey
Shoes: Black school shoes. Sandals are not allowed.
Fridays: Blue jeans and the school golf shirt and takkies.

Skirts: Navy blue or grey skirts.
Trousers: Grey long trousers for winter, must be the “girls cut”
Shirts: blue long or short sleeves.
Jersey & pullover: Navy blue
Dri-mac: Navy blue
Tracksuits: can be ordered at school.
Socks: Grey, navy blue or white
Shoes: Black school shoes. Sandals are not allowed.
Fridays: Blue jeans (denim) and the school golf shirt and takkies.
Jerseys and dri-macs with the school badge are available at school.
Golf shirts and tracksuits are also available at school.

PLEASE NOTE: The Friday school uniform should strictly be adhered to. Learners who wear the wrong uniform will not be allowed to go to class.
The Blue jeans MUST be blue. No coloured jeans will be allowed. Learners may NOT wear any other shoes than takkies. Takkies must be white, navy blue or black.

Schoolbags must be sturdy with divisions and must be clearly marked to avoid children to take home the wrong bag. If your child takes home the wrong schoolbag, please send it back the following morning.

Daily Program

Programme for the Primary School: Gr. 1 – 3
7:45 – School starts
First break: 9:45 – 10:15
Lunch break: 12:30 13:00
Formal School programme ends at 13:30
Homework for gr. 1 – 3 is either done during school time or in groups after school. There will be no homework on Fridays.

Programme for the Primary School: Gr. 4 – 7
7:45 – School starts
First break:10:00 – 10:20
Second break: 12:20 – 12:40
Formal School Programme ends at 14:00 and on a Friday at 13:30
Learners who stay for aftercare eat lunch at 14:10 – 14:30
Homework for gr. 4 – 7 starts at 14:30 in the homework room.


Meals for the primary school section:
A cooked lunch is provided to all the gr. 1 – 7 learners, as well as an afternoon snack.
They need to eat breakfast at home and bring something to eat for the first break.

Tuckshop orders:
Gr. 1 – 7 can order from our menu for first break.

Menu includes the following:
Toasted Chicken & Mayonaise sandwich
Toasted savoury mince sandwich
Toasted cheese & tomato sandwich

You will be notified in the weekly newsletter what will be available on the menu for the next week. Learners order and pay in their register classes.

The tuckshop will also be open during first break and after school.

Security Register

The security register MUST be signed in and out by all parents, transport (taxi drivers) or by the learner him/herself if they come to school alone. If the learner is not signed in the register, the school will not take responsibility for the learner.

The school must be notified in writing or telephonically if someone other than the usual will collect the learner.

Progress Report

Reports are handed out 4 times per year. Parent feedback sessions will follow after each report. You will be notified of the dates.

Parent involvement:
Please make sure that you keep good and regular contact with your child’s teacher. This can be done personally, in the homework diary or you can phone the teacher during break time or after school.

Merit awards:
The merit awards function is held at the end of the year for gr. 1 – 7 learners.

School Holidays

The school is open during all holidays. All learners are welcome to attend at no extra cost.

The school will close on the 4th of December this year. Learners who need to stay until the 11th of December pay a daily fee of R80.

Medicine & Emergencies

If your child brings medicine to school, it must be handed to a teacher. Parents have to sign the medicine consent form.

Contact details of parents as well as emergency contact numbers:
The above mentioned numbers MUST be updated immediately if they change.

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